So, Apple just announced a bunch of new products.

The new Apple TV 4K looks like a decent specs bump (and the price has dropped!), but as someone rocking a 1st-gen Apple TV 4K combined with last year’s new Siri remote, I see no need to upgrade.

The new standard iPads look nice (I dig the colors!), and both the new landscape camera and the Smart Keyboard Folio are slick, but its a shame that, at least, the M1 couldn’t come along. Also – making it so that you can still only use the 1st Gen Apple Pencil and you need a USB-C dongle to make that work, pretty weak.

Cool to see the M2 hit the new iPad Pros, but that seems to be the only notable change. You don’t get the new landscape camera, nor the new keyboard folio, basically, it’s an odd transition year for all iPads…including the iPad Air, which once again, I wonder who it’s for.

I was ready to consider trading in my 2020 iPad Pro and moving forward with a new one today, but honestly, nothing here gets me excited. Saving my money for another day.

Marty Day @martyday